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Christmas 2018 My wife bought me a subscription to Crate Club. What was advertised then was the stuff was American Made and it was a Monthly ship date. Well, 80% or more was Chinese made gear that I could find on Amazon. In several cases there were items that were advertised as being in these crates but were not there, such as a butane turbo lighter, twice it was listed in a crate but not present. There was useful stuff in these packages but many things were similar items, like I received 3 or 4 different flint style fire striker sets. And some were pretty useless like the round keychain folding knife. I will lay this stuff out soon so you can see what a year of Crate Club at the “Captain” level gets you. I personally believe your $359.99 could be much better spent on choice items. Another claim was military grade, well there may be an item or two that might meet that, but the majority of the crates are no where near “Military Grade”. If you pay for their “General Crates” maybe you will receive military grade and American made but not in the Captain’s Crate!

As you see in the above screen capture they say that these “box values” exceed the amount you are paying. My experience is that I could meet or beat the majority of their prices on Amazon. As most of you know Amazon is not always the cheapest place to get stuff. Here is an example below. I received this EXACT kit from Crate Club. And this is basically the price the crate cost when you figured $360 divided by 12 months equals $30. So I truly question their stated crate values. You should remember this is a retail price, not their price for the kit!

So the next thing is the fact that they sign you up for Auto-renewal when you subscribe. So we received a Notice in November 2019 that this subscription was going to renew. I went in and canceled subscription, I thought. So here we are the end of February (2020) and we still had not received the fee back on our credit card. We also had not received any “Crates” in January or February. We Contacted Sofrep which is the company that runs Crate Club, I guess. We were told, in a chat session no phone number available, that we had only canceled the autorenewal but not the subscription? So how is it you cancel the renewal but that does not cancel your subscription? Then we were told that we could not cancel Crate Club now. We were also told that the subscription had changed to Quarterly, not monthly.

So when I originally canceled this subscription all of the MONTHLY “Ship Dates” showed canceled. Each month had a red canceled sign behind it. Now it shows 5 shipments as unshipped. I wish I had taken a screen shot of that. I truly believe they decided to keep our fee even though they knew we wanted to cancel their subscription. This is really questionable business practice. I really believe you do not want to do business with this company! This is a Dishonest, at best, business.

I will lay out what I have received from them and get photos. You will see the Majority is Chinese made items in the Captains Crates. And much of it is not the quality they claim. Their posted FAQ; “We work hard to find gear made in the good ol’ US of A. However, it isn’t always possible for us to procure the amount of gear and quality we love, or timeliness of inventory delivery this way. Our main focus is to get you the best gear we can find. We, of course, prefer to work with US-owned companies as our first choice!”

This is in their FAQ’s also, but clearly they did not follow this as they made us accept the whole YEAR of Crates. Our original subscription was monthly, they changed that to Quarterly. No where in this FAQ does it state that you automatically signed up for auto-renewal. But, you will be setup for auto-renewal. Once they have your money you WILL NOT GET A REFUND FROM THEM!!! Says so in this shot from their FAQ! Not stated elsewhere.

As to reviews? They only show the glowing reviews from customers, not one negative review on their entire site. But there are Negative reviews.

Crate Club Reviews
Over the years, Crate Club has generated a loyal following thanks to their dedication to excellence, preference for American-made gear, and roots in the US Armed Forces. However, reviews online indicate that there is a healthy mix of negative and positive public opinion about the company.
With over 200,000 ‘Likes’ on their official Facebook page, you might assume that this subscription box company is universally adored. However, numerous customer testimonials and anecdotes indicate otherwise. For example, many of their social media followers have used the platform to express their displeasure with the company’s shipping times or product quality.
It is also worth noting that SOFREP Clubs, the company that owns the box brand, is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While this is not a major red flag on its own, it doesn’t help that the only two company reviews on their BBB profile are overwhelmingly negative, citing delayed shipping times and their auto-renewal policy.