Hello world!

This site is under reconstruction. The old OS was too old to support the new PHP. It will take time to move the old content over to this site. Some of the old content will not be moved over as it is outdated.

If you wish to be a contributor you need to register, add an avatar (gravatar) and be checked on an anti-spam site.

Put old server back up, as a place holder, and some jerk hacked my password. Thought He, She or It took over my server. As you can see I took it back!!! I am sure it was very disappointing, to them, to find that nothing could be published! That is why I am rebuilding the server you moron!

All you managed to do was have me place even more security on this server. Why do you bother? It is only a Raspberry Pi. Very limited storage, even if you did managed to publish your AD’s or porn or whatever you thought you were going to do.

First round of post overs done. Just copied some more content from old server. I did not perform a database copy because I did not want to bring any of the errors from the old site. I could not change the theme in the old site. I could no longer publish post or pages due to database errors. This new site is slightly faster than the old. Still on a Raspberry Pi 2B.