Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Rev. 2.0 512MB

Raspberry Pi Rev. 2.0 512MB

The Raspberry Pi is a small, credit card sized, Single Board Computer.

Common Model SPECS:
700MHz ARM processor
Videocore IV GPU
256MB and 512MB RAM
HDMI Video out
Composite Video out
analog stereo out
1x micro USB power in
1x DSI
1x CSI (camera)
26 GPIO (not all pins connected)

256MB (older models)
512MB (sold now)
2x USB
1 10/100mb Ethernet

256MB (this model only)
1x USB
No Ethernet

The primary things to check if you Raspberry Pi does not work are the power supply and the SD card.

The power test points TP1/TP2 should be at or above 4.75V and below 5.25V. Some cell phone adapters cannot keep up the voltage when under a load. This is the weakness of using a cell phone adapter to power the Raspberry Pi.

The most common problems with the SD card are improperly “burned”. If you are not sure whether you have properly setup your SD card then I recommend you try NOOBS (New Out Of Box System). You do not burn NOOBS you copy it onto a SD card.

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