3D Printer Control, Matter Control 1.4, Cura, Repetier, Sketchup

Today I installed Matter Control 1.4 on the 3D Printer Tablet. It seems to work well on the Intel Atom Z3537G Processor. I played around with settings to get it sized to my Printrbot Play. Took a little bit of searching to find how to set it up. Matter Control Supports the Printrbot Simple Metal but does not show the Play. You just need to set the bed size and makes sure it is not looking for a heated bed.
I used the Windows version on my 10″ Win10 “Unbranded” Tablet. I did run into one problem. When I used the maximize/restore down (upper right window controls) The mouse and the touchscreen were not clicking in the proper place. I had to tap or click below the buttons or check boxes to get the proper response. When maximized everything was fine, except pert of the screen was under the Task bar. Hiding the Task bar would solve this. If you were using the Tablet just for 3D Printing I do not see where this would be an issue.
So now an unfair comparison between MatterControl T10 at $299 or my $76 Tablet;
The Matter Hackers MatterControl Touch;

Matter Control 7″ Tablet with Matter control software.

It is a touch enabled, WiFi enabled Tablet with no battery. It supports mail alerts. Web control and other feature.
GPU: Quad Core 4×1.4GHz
Android 4.4 KitKat
Internal Storage: 8GB
External Storage: SD Card
Camera Included
Voice Capable
Standalone Control
Web Monitoring
Web Control: Coming soon
Controller Does Not Contain Battery – Must Remain Plugged In
Reading through their advertising I could not tell whether it can “browse” the internet for content, such as Thingiverse or YouMagine. It does not support remote printing, yet, and sending files from other devices like smart phones or tablets. You can install a web based android print client.
Overall it looks like a pretty good solution if you have no computer skills of your own. If you know your way around a computer you can do this for a lot less!

10″ Win 10 Tablet with Matter Control, CURA 15.04.2, Repetier Host, Sketchup.

My Tablet specs “Unbranded” Tablet:
Quad Core 1.33Ghz (up to 1.8Ghz) Intel Atom CPU Z3537F
Windows 10
Internal Storage 32GB
External Storage Micro SD card up to 64GB
Camera included
WiFi and Bluetooth
Controller Does Not Contain Battery – Must Remain Plugged In (I disconnected the battery and power directly, this might change)
I think mine compares pretty nicely. If I want “web control” I could install Octoprint or Repetier server. And I have more than just MatterControl to use to print with. Plus the ability to Draw and change objects with Sketchup.
I think I came out pretty good so far. More work to do still!