Raspberry Pi Server change over

I moved my server over to my 5 USB port Raspi. All it took was to switch the card and change the MAC of the reserved I.P. in my router. This also now has a 320GB USB HDD as part of the resources available to it. All of this is in a wooden box from a candy sampler assortment. I have not cut the box to fit any cables yet so they are coming out one side of the lid. I will have to do some work to it. I may just move the rootfs over to the the HDD.

UPDATE: rootfs is now on the USB HDD in a 23GB partition. There is a 512MB swap partition and a 237GB ext2 additional partition for additional storage. I am probably eating about 5 to 6 watts at idle. The USB hub PSU is 2A. So total usage is probably 8 to 10 watts, including the PSU waste.