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Time to Reform Calguns Members Group Page in Facebook

(these are my opinions of Calguns Members group in Facebook)

This page is about reforming the Calguns Members Facebook page. Having Calguns enforce their own posted rules is not a whole lot to ask!

Calguns Members page has gotten out of control. It has disruptive members that regulary post picture of “Dildos” and other sex toys. Depictions of a woman wearing a strapon mounting a man on his back with his legs spread. Many other things are occurring that are against the page posted rules. But the activity continues. Even when you consider that the page is for their banned members to have a voice this is no where near acceptable activity. There rules clearly state they do not allow sexist posts, but that does not seem to be the real case. Cartoon depictions of implied forced anal sex appear to be allowable.

Do not bother to ask about complying either with Assault Weapon registration or trying to bring a rifle into compliance with California Law. Either way you will be ridiculed, harassed, bullied and have doubt about your sex, gender or sexual practices be flung at you by 80% of those that comment. You will usually get at least a few members that will try to help you, but those helpful comments will be buried by the rest of the commenters. Not exactly a non-hostile place to ask questions about the new California laws. I thought Calguns was meant to be a place to discuss firearms, not sexual habits!

There is also a small number of members that have decided that it is alright to post fake news on the page. Then to ridicule and belittle those members that post comments. It is their view that everyone should research every single post before commenting. In other words they are baiting and bullying members on the page! Again these activities are not being moderated and the offenders are not being called out for these activities. Posts should not be allowed to be of “fake news” unless it is clear they are sarcasm. Fake news posts that are designed to bait reaction for later bullying should result in the poster being banned.

Calguns members page stated objective is to discuss California laws related to restricting firearms ownership in this State. Somehow I doubt that the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night “Meme wars” are promoting this objective. In fact these Meme wars have little or nothing to do with firearms, another violation of the posted rules.

Another grievance of their rules is the “Proxy ads”. Where members post advertising pages of Ammo, firearms and accessories from a business and then ask “hey what do you think” These are thinly veiled posting of ads that benefit businesses under the guise of “advice”. Again these are rarely removed or the poster punished as posted in the rules. It probably violates Facebooks rules also!

YET, They will ban you for calling someone stupid. I was banned for posting a comment “Cain’t cure Stupid”. This was in reference to a member that stated he would shoot down any “drone” (model aircraft) that came within shotgun range. The original post was about someone that did that and was facing numerous charges. He had shot down a “drone” with a pellet rifle over public land. After trying to explain to this member that he was advocating destroying another persons property being flown legally, he still asserted that he intended to shoot them down. Then I posted “cain’t cure stupid” and was banned. Obviously Calguns condones members using firearms to destroy a persons property without any justification!

I have sent two messages to the Calguns Administrator. They have not bothered to reply to either one. Each asked for the reason I was banned. The truth seems to be that Calguns wants your support, but they do not care to support you. I believe they will continue to allow harassment of some members and that they will continue to allow the homophobic posts, Sexist posts, demeaning posts until they feel the heat. So I will start here and slowly keep adding  to this.

As you can see They have no real control over what is being posted in their page. Proxy ads like the one below show up all the time.

And there are a lot of inappropriate postings. Sexist. Homophobic or just in poor taste! BUT don’t call an Admins friend stupid, that will get you removed!

Which of these do you think violate their stated rules?