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Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printer

The wife and I just bought just bought a Printrbot Simple Metal Printer with heated bed. Still trying to get it to print reliably every time. A lot of setup is needed to get the 3D printers to turn out good prints.
Printrbot Simple Metal w/heated bed
Every filament has to be tested to see what Extruder and Bed temperatures it likes. The extruder height from the table has to be adjusted pretty accurately for good prints.

With the Heated Bed we are using Kapton tape on the bed. It can be a pain to get PLA filament to stick to the Kapton tape. If the part does not stick then the part ends up warped. Hairspray seems to help, but it also causes a buildup on the print bed. This can be removed with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. I tried 91% but it just did not work well, not enough water in it.

A lot to learn to get good prints from the machine.

3D printing is just not ready for mainstream users, YET!