Monthly Archives: March 2014

Well Over A year now

This server has been running for over a year now. Not all of this time has been on a single board.

It started as a 256MB Ver. 1.0 board. This board proved to have the 1v8 board error. Even at that it ran with very little problem. I did use heat sinks on that board as a extra measure. The 256MB ran the WordPress server just fine. I did not switch it until I decided to try serving some files with a WP Plugin. Moving up to 512MB did not in and of itself increase performance. Overclocking had more of a benefit than doubling the memory. Both of them were only slight gains!

One area that I have seen decent performance is in the updates to Raspian. As I have carried out updates, many of the problems that I saw earlier, appear to be resolved. Mostly these were SD card corruptions. Now even brownouts do not seem to corrupt the card. It still locks the server and has to be restarted, but that’s OK!

This poor web server has had several iterations in its life. It has bounced back and forth between 256MB and 512MB. The SDĀ card has been rebuilt several times to cure problems with WordPress. It was run for a short time as a web server with a separated Database, that was on another RasPi very small performance gain(.2 seconds read .3 seconds write while no caching). It has been ran from a USB stick, no performance gain at all. High and low class SD cards have been tested, settled on a Class 6 card as the best overall choice.

Current Setup

  • 512MB Raspberry Pi (Chinese build)
  • Overclocked to 900MHZ (Raspi-config medium setting)
  • Adafruit 5.25V PSU
  • 512MB USB stick (used as a swap drive)
  • Raspbian fully updated (January version)
  • WordPress 3.8.1
  • SanDisk Ultra Class 6 8GB SD card

Overall I have had a very good experience with the Raspberry Pi running as a web server.