Monthly Archives: December 2012

Raspberry Pi Server change over

I moved my server over to my 5 USB port Raspi. All it took was to switch the card and change the MAC of the reserved I.P. in my router. This also now has a 320GB USB HDD as part of the resources available to it. All of this is in a wooden box from a candy sampler assortment. I have not cut the box to fit any cables yet so they are coming out one side of the lid. I will have to do some work to it. I may just move the rootfs over to the the HDD.

UPDATE: rootfs is now on the USB HDD in a 23GB partition. There is a 512MB swap partition and a 237GB ext2 additional partition for additional storage. I am probably eating about 5 to 6 watts at idle. The USB hub PSU is 2A. So total usage is probably 8 to 10 watts, including the PSU waste.

No speculation allowed on the Raspberry Pi forums?

Well it appears that speculation in the Raspberry Pi forums is a No No. If that speculation is about the A Model then you are b*****ks, because you do not know what the Foundation plans for its release are. The reason you do not know what their plans for release are is because it is obviously a secret. And if I speculate that it is a hardware problem then I am a b*****ks again, I guess. If you had used the same demeanor and language you would have been banned. Of course there was a earlier post stating that there was a hardware problem concerning the USB, again. They stated that the A Model would be released before the end of the year (2012) but obviously that may not be the case. Their partners are backlogged through the end of the year. And a Moderator is becoming very touchy about it. It would be much better for them to bring it into the light and get it over with, rather than resorting to calling names and whining, a term that is used way to freely. The “before xmas is still the only official word. (see 1.)

Link to Moderator post.

So what we are waiting on is another “Grand Announcement”? Since I cannot “Speculate” in the forums I will speculate here. There is only one way that the A models will be here FOR Christmas, they are being produced right now and that is accounting for at least some of the backlog. Otherwise they are going to be released before Xmas but be shipped after the backlog from the 512MB is cleared next year. It was a mistake for the Foundationm to release the 512MB model before they had released the A Models! So we will have to wait for the announcement and see, AGAIN!

I think that certain Forum Mods might need to be modded!