Why Illegal Immigration hurts America!

There are many people in this country that extoll the virtues of illegal immigrants. Their opinions are based from knee jerk reactions and invalid data spread by the National Media outlets!

First there is a reason we have an Immigration system. These Laws expect that those that want to live in America or become Americans will follow the Law. These Laws were designed to secure our nation from those that intend to hurt Americans or cause damage to this Country.

There are many reasons to ”document” arrivals in this nation.

Health; Have they received the vaccinations that are needed to protect the health of Americans. Many may think this is a very low priority for such a healthy Nation, in fact it is top priority if you are a healthy nation to keep it healthy. As a State worker I watched Tuberculosis go from almost unheard of to a State epidemic in a few short months. TB was brought into the U.S by illegal immigrants who most likely from South America. TB can be “carried” without the individual knowing that they are infectious. This can only be discovered by a medical exam. Illegal Immigrants enter without a Medical examination!


Illegal Immigration and the Threat of Infectious Disease


I also saw Chicken pox return in waves as it was introduced by illegal immigrants. And this strain was different enough that many who had Chicken Pox as children ended up with Chicken Pox again!

Some other diseases that have returned are;
1. Measles
2. Whooping Cough
3. Mumps
4. Scarlet Fever
5. Bubonic Plague

Another reason Illegal Immigrants hurt America is they are not all hard working people here looking for a better life. We have seen an up curve in Criminal Illegal Immigrants over the years! These people are involved in all forms of criminal activity. Their undocumented status helps them to evade justice for the crimes they commit. The “OPEN” borders policies that are being pushed by many mean these people enter with a clean slate. But letting them start clean is not enough for most of them to adopt a Lawful life here in the USA. I will not get to deep into this as the numbers of illegals in our countries prisons proves the point!

Even CNN’s number show that 177,960 were deported in 2014 as convicted criminals! With 11.5 million supposedly in the U.S.. That 1in 64 illegal immigrants were deported in just 2014. and there are 73,665 in prison populations or about 5% nation wide. So illegal immigrants make up 1/30th of the general population but 1/20th of the prison population. Higher than average!


So there is a cost that the pro-illegal-immigrant people do not quote!

The next area is Taxes; This is not my strong suit. But in the end some illegal’s pay taxes. On the other hand studies say they over state dependents by a large margin. An even larger number of illegal’s are dodging taxes completely.


Illegal immigrants pay an effective tax rate of 8%.

“In 2010, the average unlawful immigrant household received around $24,721 in government benefits and services while paying some $10,334 in taxes,” a report from the right-leaning Heritage Foundation think tank said in 2013. “This [deficit's] cost had to be borne by U.S. taxpayers.”


This site states that in 2012 62% of illegal Immigrants were on public assistance, even though it was illegal for them to draw those benefits! But those that are pro-illegal deny these figures. It is obvious that there are many illegals on public assistance and that they do not pay enough taxes to overcome the burden that they put on the tax payers in this country!

Jobs; seems pretty simple but it is not simple. The pro-illegals claim that the illegal immigrants only take jobs that Americans will not work. This is patently false. Illegal immigrants are overrepresented in farming occupations (26%) and construction occupations (15%). In all industries and occupations, though, they are outnumbered by U.S.-born workers. But they are present in most work forces except Law Enforcement and Government jobs where U.S. citizenship is required. So yes they are taking jobs from Americans in most fields. Their willingness to take lower wages also depresses the work force wages paid! In fact the people most hurt by illegal immigrants are American Minorities. The illegals compete for jobs that are more scarce but they are willing to take lower wages and end up with the lion share of those jobs.

Illegal effects on the economy;

They tend to send a large portion of their earnings home to their families in their home Countries. This money is not spent here in the U.S.. They cause the local wages to be depressed and they do not spend as much in the retail businesses. Overall this dampens the economy of any place that has a lot of illegal immigrants!

How they hurt America in a nut shell;

Because of their “undocumented status” their employers evade paying billions into Social security, EIDL and other programs that they are having use of! They have no insurance so injuries are Emergency room visits which they then avoid paying the bill on. This raises medical cost to us. The cost of the Public Assistance being illegally obtained is staggering. This money could have been used for better schools and resources, it could have been used to fix our roads and bridges and dams. The Infrastructure that keeps America as an advanced nation. They have brought diseases from their home countries and gave them to us. Some of these had been negligible for decades! And those that are truly criminal, victimize Americans almost at will. They import and sell drugs and commit criminal offenses when they should not even be here!


Those that come here to BE Americans, and live by American Laws should be given a path to Citizenship. That path should not be amnesty!


3D Printer Control, Matter Control 1.4, Cura, Repetier, Sketchup

Today I installed Matter Control 1.4 on the 3D Printer Tablet. It seems to work well on the Intel Atom Z3537G Processor. I played around with settings to get it sized to my Printrbot Play. Took a little bit of searching to find how to set it up. Matter Control Supports the Printrbot Simple Metal but does not show the Play. You just need to set the bed size and makes sure it is not looking for a heated bed.

I used the Windows version on my 10″ Win10 “Unbranded” Tablet. I did run into one problem. When I used the maximize/restore down (upper right window controls) The mouse and the touchscreen were not clicking in the proper place. I had to tap or click below the buttons or check boxes to get the proper response. When maximized everything was fine, except pert of the screen was under the Task bar. Hiding the Task bar would solve this. If you were using the Tablet just for 3D Printing I do not see where this would be an issue.

So now an unfair comparison between MatterControl T10 at $299 or my $76 Tablet;

The Matter Hackers MatterControl Touch;

MatterControl Touch

It is a touch enabled, WiFi enabled Tablet with no battery. It supports mail alerts. Web control and other feature.

  • $299
  • RAM: 1GB
  • GPU: Quad Core 4×1.4GHz
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Internal Storage: 8GB
  • External Storage: SD Card
  • Camera Included
  • Voice Capable
  • Touchscreen
  • Wifi-Connectivity
  • Standalone Control
  • Web Monitoring
  • Web Control: Coming soon
  • Controller Does Not Contain Battery – Must Remain Plugged In

Reading through their advertising I could not tell whether it can “browse” the internet for content, such as Thingiverse or YouMagine. It does not support remote printing, yet, and sending files from other devices like smart phones or tablets. You can install a web based android print client.

Overall it looks like a pretty good solution if you have no computer skills of your own. If you know your way around a computer you can do this for a lot less!

Unbranded Tablet as 3D Printer Control Center

Unbranded Tablet as 3D Printer Control Center

My Tablet specs “Unbranded” Tablet:

  • $76
  • 2GB RAM
  • Quad Core 1.33Ghz (up to 1.8Ghz) Intel Atom CPU Z3537F
  • Windows 10
  • Internal Storage 32GB
  • External Storage Micro SD card up to 64GB
  • Camera included
  • Touchscreen
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Standalone
  • Controller Does Not Contain Battery – Must Remain Plugged In (I disconnected the battery and power directly, this might change)

I think mine compares pretty nicely. If I want “web control” I could install Octoprint or Repetier server. And I have more than just MatterControl  to use to print with. Plus the ability to Draw and change objects with Sketchup.

I think I came out pretty good so far. More work to do still!